Who cares? Solaris Paper does

August 27th, 2015

By Jemma Logan

Who Cares We Do 2

According to the 2013-2014 Specialist Homelessness Services Collection annual report, specialist homelessness services assisted around 254,000 clients, where 45% were homeless and 55% were at risk of being homeless. Sadly there is not enough affordable housing or government services to meet the growing demands of homeless people throughout Australia. Who Cares? We Do recognizes that. For ten years founder Malcolm Wells was an advisor with Windermere Child and Family Services and witnessed an increase in hardship and genuine need to support those in need within the local community.

Malcolm established the foundation Who Cares? We Do last year with the help of his wife Jenny. It was created to help local Cranbourne families and people who are less fortunate or homeless. The foundation organizes regular events that provide food, clothes, free basic health checks and haircuts to people and families in need.

Who Cares We Do 3

On 21 June the foundation celebrated its third Who Cares? We Do Free Day in the local community of Cranbourne, Victoria with 60 volunteers who were kind enough to offer their support. More than 200 people went along, all grateful for the free clothes, shoes, grocery items, haircuts, toys, face painting and BBQ. Donna Thatcher, a volunteer of the foundation, said, “The day was a great success, busy and tiring, but so rewarding.”

Solaris Paper is always happy to support these causes and donated toilet tissue, facial tissue, napkins and paper towels for the special day. These products were given out in personal bags that everyone received and the napkins came in handy during the BBQ. It was great to hear from Donna that our donations had gone a long way. “Thank you so very much for your donation, we were blown away with your generosity. One lady said to me, ‘It’s just like Christmas, I feel so loved.’” Thanks for helping us, help them and for your compassion.”

At Solaris Paper we are thrilled to be supporting a great cause such as Who Cares? We Do. What Malcolm, Jenny and their volunteers do for their local community is helping to make peoples’ lives a little easier and it is an important mission that we are proud to support.  We encourage anyone else who would like to do the same to contact Donna Thatcher on 0401055194 or donna.2211@hotmail.com.