Our Industries


LIVI® product range keep washrooms, kitchens and desks hygienic and stress free.

Horeca and Food Service

LIVI® durable and absorbent commercial wipes are HACCP Australia certified and ideal for food preparation areas and general cleaning purposes.


LIVI® hand roll paper towels and commercial wipes including our Turbo Wipers™ are absorbent, thick and strong, for use in any fast-paced production environment.


LIVI® products are ideal for managing the ongoing hygiene challenges in day care facilities, schools, universities and other educational establishments.

Facilities Management

The LIVI® range is designed to work across all facilities, from offices and washrooms to cafeterias and property engineering zones.


Our range of tissue products is available in supermarket chains and independent grocers nationwide.

Soft on the Environment

PEFC Certified

100% of our fibre is certified sustainable

Dispersible, biodegradable toilet paper

Suitable for all systems

Cartons & core are recyclable

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Supporting Australia

Solaris Paper is an Australian company supporting local jobs